Thurmond Patrick

Patrick Thurmond

Software Development Engineer

Name:Patrick Thurmond
Address:Overland Park, KS

PHP web developer with experience working on 50+ different websites/web applications. My experiences range from a musicians portfolio website to online directories, from e-commerce to a transportation routing and pricing application. I have worked in WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, OSCommerce, Magento, CakePHP, and the CodeIgniter framework. I have also had extensive experience working with custom PHP sites and applications.

I have recently been working in test automation. I have been building a suite of testing functionality in a PHP-based system called Behat which helps you do business driven development (BDD). In working with Behat I have made some contributions back to the community. These can be found on my GitHub profile at

I have also been learning the Laravel PHP framework and working with PHP Composer. My goal is to build a custom application in Laravel over the next few weeks and months for my own personal use before branching out into more public applications.

My experiences include creating custom AJAX forms, minor design work, and extensive exposure to the JQuery JavaScript library. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and programming techniques. I want to continue learning throughout my life, I enjoy it and I enjoy helping others succeed as well.

I am very active in community based learning and contributions. Not only with what I have done on GitHub, but also in the Drupal community (, and on Stack Exchange ( I have also been active on other sites and forums off and on throughout the years. I do spend some time on XDA Developers forums, but I am not yet helping others on there much.

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