Diving into Drupal module development – My first public Drupal project

For several years now I have been developing custom modules for various projects. However, up until recently, I had never submitted any of those modules to the Drupal community. I have been working for VML since the beginning of January and I have developed multiple modules for various projects. However recently I had the opportunity to create a project that I could opening contribute back to the community. My boss even recommended that I do so.

The module that I have contributed back to the community is one that allows users to create a node for and manage documents through the Embedit.in service using their API interface. I have created the first publicly available PHP library for interfacing with their API service. It is completely independent from the module in its design so that it may be used separately.

If you would like to learn more about it, please visit my page dedicated to it at: http://www.patrickthurmond.com/my-code-projects/embedit-in-integrator-a-drupal-6-module/

You may also visit it in the Drupal community at: http://drupal.org/sandbox/pthurmond/1155976


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