Embedit.in Integrator (a Drupal 6 module)

This module allows the user to upload documents to Embedit.in (http://embedit.in) and display them in a dedicated node. These nodes will upload, update, and delete documents on your Embedit.in account and display them through their website using the service’s flash player.

Excerpt from Embedit.in Features page (http://embedit.in/features):
Documents on your website should be more than an afterthought. Make it convenient for your viewers to see and interact with your content right in their browser with no need to prompt for any software download or account for variability in user experience. Experience never-before-possible control over the documents and files on your website.

This services offers:
* Embedding
* Annotation
* Analytics
* Security

This module utilizes the Embedit.in API: http://embedit.in/api

You must sign up for an account with the service. All accounts are free (awesome) and they support the following document types:
* Word
* Excel
* PowerPoint

Sign up for an account at: http://embedit.in/my

For this module I have written a completely independent PHP API Library to interface with the Embedit.in API that can be used without this module. If you want just this library you can download it below.

Drupal 6 module: Embedit.in Integrator – Drupal 6 module

PHP Library: Embedit.in PHP API library

Contact me with the form below:

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  1. meyir
    4180 days ago

    hi, i’m a complete drupal noob and i was wondering if you can offer some advice as i don’t seem to get results.
    I’ve only downloaded and activated the embedit.in module
    1. I’ve signed in to the site, uploaded a document
    2. i’ve copied the API key and User identifier into the drupal 6 Embedit.in module configuration window.
    saved and no results. The embedit.in API embed page instructs me to send a POST message to that address and i don’t know how to do that, neither if it’s relevant to really embeding the document.
    so if there’s some sort of a step by step advice i’d be grateful. thanks dude and nice work.

  2. meyir
    4180 days ago

    also, another question. i went to the create content in drupal, but after inserting the embed code in the ‘identifier’ box, i’m prompted to “upload an attachment to create an embeditin.”

    when i go to the file attachment section and upload the same .pdf i’ve uploaded on the embedit.in site, i receive the same message “upload an attachment to create an embeditin.”

    So i’m stuck again. any help?

  3. pthurmond
    4180 days ago

    Hey there, thanks for checking out my module. Don’t worry about what the Embeditin API page says beyond those two keys. Below are your next steps in Drupal.

    1. Go to Create Content > Embeditin.
    2. Put in a title. Go down to file attachments and attach your file to it.
    3. Hit save and the module will upload it to Embeditin.

    There may be a small delay between when it uploads it and when the service generates the display block. If it doesn’t come up right away then wait a few minutes.


  4. meyir
    4180 days ago

    dude, i’m in trouble again.
    I uploaded the file, gave it a title,uploaded the .pdf file [without any spaces] etc but when i click save, i get

    warning: array_flip() [function.array-flip]: The argument should be an array in modules\filter.module on line 1045.

    any help pls?

    • meyir
      4180 days ago

      also, the lines 1044 to 1046 from the filter.module file, located in site/modules/filter says this:

      if ($store) {
      $allowed_html = array_flip($m);

    • pthurmond
      4180 days ago

      I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Did you hit attach after you selected your file, but before hitting save?

      I just tested a PDF upload on my local machine (with a barebones Drupal 6 install) and it uploaded the PDF just fine. Try it again, but it is possible that there is some conflict with another module. Could you log this issue on Drupal.org with the error, a list of the modules you have enabled, and maybe a screenshot or two? That would be most helpful.

      Issues can be found here: http://drupal.org/project/issues/embeditin?categories=All


  5. Aven
    4013 days ago

    Hi Patrick:

    I meet a problem when creating a embed node, it returns a 400 Bad Request and failed to post my embed. The node has been created but the embedit show disappear. And on the top of the page it shows a 400 Bad Request.
    I am on the linux system. Here is the server info:
    PHP : 5.2.14
    MySQL : 5.1.48
    Web server : nginx

    Here is the link for the issue on drupal.org.

    Any help?

    Kind Regards:

    Aven He

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