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Finding the default URL in Google Analytics v4


Where I found the default URL settings new location in Google Analytics.

Recently I had to setup an existing Google Analytics v4 account on a rebuilt site and had to adjust the default URL that it pointed to so that I could integrate the site analytics with Flywheel. To start this, I did exactly what anyone else would do, I poked around trying to find the setting, having seen it in the past. Not finding it easily I did the next obvious thing, I did a Google Search. Unfortunately, all the instructions I found (even those supposedly for GA4) spoke of setting screens that simply did not exist anymore.

Not deterred, I poked around further and drilled down deeper. Finally, I found the setting. It was not obvious and in fact there was more than one setting that you can list. I found the setting in “Data streams” which is found in “Data collection and modification”.

Here is how to get there:

  1. Go to your GA property.
  2. Click on the “Admin” gear icon in the lower left.
  3. Expand “Property settings” region on the left.
  4. Expand “Data collection and modification”.
  5. Click on “Data streams”.
  6. Add or edit the data stream to set the correct URL for the usage (web, iOS, or Android).

In my case, the customer had 3 streams setup as they were unfamiliar with working with Google Analytics. To make this work, I had to modify the first one.

I hope this helps, good luck in your web journey!

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