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We Are All Still Human


A few weeks ago I commented on a video posted on MoveOn.org and at the time I was feeling very frustrated with how people in the world have been acting. I was also feeling very human (I realize this sounds strange, but go with it) and compassionate at the time.

A few weeks ago I commented on a video posted on MoveOn.org and at the time I was feeling very frustrated with how people in the world have been acting. I was also feeling very human (I realize this sounds strange, but go with it) and compassionate at the time. I still am feeling like that, just not quit as intensely as on that day. And I stand by what I said that day. I feel like I touched a very deep spot in my own soul when I wrote it.

I am writing this post today at the request of one of the other commenters whom wished to share my thoughts with others. I have to say that I feel honored, not just by this request, but by the enormous response my comment has mustered. At the time of this writing my post it sitting at the top of the list of posts with 198 Facebook “likes” and 19 replies (some of which are my own). I know that there are a lot of good ideas in this world that just need to be shared. Including some of my own. So without further ado I give you my comment.

”The real solution here is to write a quick blanket rule that says everyone has the same rights regardless of age, gender, creed, race, sexual orientation, dancing styles, wardrobe choices, religious affiliation, musical talent, financial standing, nationality, choice of sunglasses, pet preference, marital status, fashion sense, lung capacity, skin tone, athleticism, body type, smoking status, hair color, perfume preference, or any other method of differentiation that might be identified.

Then our society should just be smacked on the back of the head and told “it doesn’t matter stupid, we are all still human beings, just don’t be dicks to each other and everything will be fine”. Our differences don’t matter, what matters is what we have in common and at our very base we are all still humans.

We are all still people. All of us have feelings, wants, needs, desires, and blood pumping through our veins. So stop acting like anything else even matters because it doesn’t. People matter, life matters, happiness matters. Differences don’t. Differences are just excuses to hate one another. Differences are just ways to dehumanize one another. To cause strife and anger.

Labels and differences, more than anything else, seem to be the biggest causes of hate, of wars and fights and anger and despair. I am tired of dehumanizing labels. We are all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and most of we are all people. Just remember that next time you interact with someone.”

There were a number of comments to this, some that didn’t seem to get the message I was trying to send. Others just happy to see the message delivered. In these comments I further expanded upon my thought processes here with this response…

“while I myself am not very religious I think we still need to respect the beliefs of others. No matter how crazy or strange or misguided we may think they are. Chastising someone over believing in God or a God or some kind of supernatural being (if that is how you look at it) will only incite more anger and frustration and is in and of itself a form of bigotry.

I agree that people should be encouraged to believe in themselves and find their own inner strength. But for those that chose a different path we still need to recognize their humanity.”

After this comment there were several other great ones including this excellent comment by Richard Douglas Hollobaugh:

“Christianity says that we should love all people…Period. There is no subcontext to that statement which is made in the Bible by which true Christians follow. A lot of people have chosen to hate others or label them as sinners and they use verses from the Bible, that they have chosen to twist and make them to their liking. All the while ignoring the statements that are pure and clear. Love your neighbors/Cast no judgement on others unless you too are free from sin. It also states that no man is free of sin. That’s pretty clear right? So the problem doesn’t lie in Christianity. It lies in man’s prejudices.”

Richard made an excellent point. Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love and peace and brotherhood. Not one of anger and bigotry. The spirit behind Christianity does seem very clear and our world could definitely use more love and understanding. I would like to further say that communication seems to be key from my point of view.

When you get frustrated or angry or feel mad at someone or at the world take a step back. Breathe and take a moment to consider the other side of things. Then ask questions with an open mind, things are often not as they appear to me. This is something that has certainly proven true in my life, especially when there is a misunderstanding between my girlfriend and I. I have found that I will think about something from one direction but then if I ask her not only does she have a completely different way of looking at it, but it is often not even in the realm of what I was thinking of. It is amazing to me how much can be gained from a little more open communication.

In the end I just want to ask everyone, please take the time to understand that while we all have our differences it is what we have in common that weaves us together. It binds us and makes us all part of our world and our universe. What we do, even the simplest things, can have profound effects on others. But at the end of the day what we all hold common we also all hold dear. That is our humanity, our life, our love, and our spirit. And that is what really matters.

Thank you!

For those that would like to see the original article in which my comment appears, please visit: http://front.moveon.org/old-dudes-talking-about-sluts-and-honest-rapes-have-our-best-interest-at-heart-said-no-one-ever-2/?rc=fb-comments&fb_comment_id=fbc_10151072276010250_24324481_10151080142535250#f3dede2e2c

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