My name is Patrick Thurmond. I have been a professional web developer 3 years now. Prior to that I dabbled in web development for about 8 years, finally settling into PHP development primarily. I have worked in many areas of the computer industry including phone-based helpdesk, hands-on computer repair (desktops, laptops, and projectors), installation of computer networks, and even ran a computer repair service that repaired computers on site (at homes and businesses).

My areas of skill are wide ranging, I have worked not only in computer repair and networking but also in programming and databases. I have also worked on a number of different websites from e-commerce, trucking and shipping, computer chip die analysis reporting systems, and advertising, to blogs, portfolios, and simple galleries. I have worked with many different technologies including social networks, RSS, XML, AJAX UIs, communication APIs, and many other systems.


  1. sanjeeth
    4210 days ago

    Hi Patrick,

    I came across your question on stackover for scribd ipaper failing to load in Internet Explorer. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5887294/problem-with-scribd-api-embedder-and-internet-explorer-in-drupal).

    Wondering if you found a solution for that.

    I have similar requirements as you mentioned in your post.
    Secure the documents
    Display in IE, FF, and Safari on Windows and Mac
    Display directly in the browser without requiring the user to download an extra plugin (beyond Flash).
    Be able to set it up programmatically and this has to work with PDFs.

    I have spent quite some time digging around and haven’t gotten anywhere so far, so thought I did check with you.

    Thx in advance.


  2. Ahmet Arsan
    4132 days ago

    Hi Patrick,

    You helped me with a PHP problem on Stackoverflow last week. I was wondering if you would be willing to put in a few hours of side work.

    Ahmet Arsan

  3. Matt Ogren
    3524 days ago


    I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in a PHP Developer role that is a direct hire in the Overland Park area? I have multiple openings with a great client and they pay very well. If you are looking at all or happen to know of anyone who is please feel free to message me back at any time.

    Matt Ogren

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