Projects I have worked on

These are some of the projects I have worked on over the many years of my career.

  • Q-Collar

    · VMLY&R

    I worked on the planning and building of a new website on the Shopify platform for Q30 for a product called the Q-Collar. This is...

  • Modelo USA

    · VMLY&R

    I worked on older Drupal site that was in a headless configuration that VMLY&R inherited from another agency. This was merely minor updates, mostly content,...

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance

    · VMLY&R

    For over a year I worked on Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) which was a Drupal 8/9 multisite that included the WBA website and the No7Company...

  • GTB

    · VMLY&R

    GTB is a sub-company of VMLY&R. In this project, I was tasked with moving the website to our Acquia hosting account from AWS, moving the...

  • Scout Bags

    · VMLY&R

    ScoutBags was a Magento website that I did work on off and on for several years. My work included new features, fixing the deployment process,...

  • Valspar (Sherwin Williams)

    · VMLY&R

    In early 2020, right before the beginning of the pandemic, I started work on At the end of February, I was flown out to...

  • Estimate

    · VMLY&R

    The Estimate project is a tool we built with Laravel and Vue.js to help the company make estimates for projects more accurate and allow us...

  • Passport

    · VMLY&R

    Since the company was VML (not yet VMLY&R) they have had an internal tech blog built in Drupal 7. When I took over technical leadership...

  • Give To Stop SIDS

    · VMLY&R

    This is a project I helped out with some of the development on a while back. As a father of three, this was a project...

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