My first Drupal module to reach full project status

Today my EmbedIt.in Integrator module for Drupal 6 reached full project status. It is the first project that I have submitted to the Drupal community. I have already tagged version 1.0 for Drupal 6. I hope to soon have a version for Drupal 7 available. This is an exciting milestone for me.

My module helps you interface your Drupal site with the EmbedIt.in web service for your documents. It will automatically upload the files to your account and display them on your website.

You can find it here at: http://drupal.org/project/embeditin

If you are a Drupal user, please take the time to check out my module. Thanks!

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  1. martin
    3973 days ago

    hi, thanks for all the good work developing EmbedIt.in Integrator D7 module! I was wondering if you have a date for D7 module release yet?

  2. Eric J Gruber
    1939 days ago

    Great content! Very timely.

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